Differences between Cialis and Viagra Summary: There are various drugs in the market which are effective and useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. While Viagra is the most popular, Cialis has also proven itself to be an equal contender and popular with customers. There are various drugs in the market which claim to aid those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The most popular in the market today is Viagra. However there are other drugs as well which are just as popular, if not more. One such drug is cialis. This drug has also proven itself to be just more effective, if not more than its competitor. While clever advertisements may have made Viagra synonymous with the treatment of this condition, those who have used it vouch that the other drug is more effective with less severe side effects. Customers who have tried different drugs have vouched for the effectiveness of this drug which has given many a new lease on life. Originally called Tadalafill, this drug is also known as Adcirca and Tadacip. It was approved by the FDA in October 2011 as treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is a condition where a man's penis is unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Usually when aroused, the brain sends signals to the nerves in a penis and causes a release of a particular enzyme. This causes blood to rush to the veins within. This causes the penis to become erect. A secondary enzyme is also released later to allow a penis to return to its normal condition. During erectile dysfunction, there is no erection or it does not remain. This causes great discomfort and inconvenience. There may be various reasons for the same and they range from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, stress, old age, or a reaction to certain medications. Tadalafill inhibits the release of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), thereby allowing an erection to remain for a longer period of time. There are various such drugs in the market which perform this function. In fact, it also serves other purposes. In 2005, America approved it for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. Differences between Tadalafill and Viagra There are various types of drugs available in the market which offer a solution to erectile dysfunction. However, few are really effective and offer long lasting results. Of the successful drugs, there are two major drugs which are Tadalafill and Viagra. However there are a few differences between the drugs. Tadalafill tablets are almond shaped and yellow in color while Viagra is in a diamond shape and blue in color. Tadalafill was approved by the FDA in 2011 and Viagra or Sildenafil became available in 1998. Though minor, there are some side effects of both drugs. Viagra is said to cause headaches, flushes, nasal congestion and blurred vision. Tadalafill side effects, on the other hand are headaches, indigestion, back and muscle pain, flushing and nasal congestion. However the side effects are minor and temporary. A major difference between the two is that Viagra lasts for 4 to 5 hours, however Cialis lasts for 17.50 hours making it the most effective and long lasting of the two. Viagra is available in dosages of 25", "50" or "100 milligrams and Tadalafill is available in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg.

How to Achieve the Best Results with Cialis? Summary: Cialis is a popular drug used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It belongs to the same category of other PDE - 5 inhibitor drugs like Viagra and Levitra. It is important to understand the precautions, dosage and the right method of using this medicine to avoid any potential side effects. Cialis was introduced about 10 years ago to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. This drug is considered on the same lines of Viagra and Levitra and help men get stronger and longer erections. It contains an ingredient called Tadalafil, which actively helps in stimulating the chemicals responsible for producing and maintaining an erection in a male body. This medicine also aids in increasing flow of blood to prostate gland. It relieves a person from various urinary problems like weak urine flow, difficulty in passing urine or frequent and uncontrollable urination. Here is some more information about this pill. How to Use ED Pills? Any male in good health can use ED tablets. However this must be done under the supervision of your health practitioner. He will be able to guide you regarding the correct usage of this pill in accordance with your current health conditions. While buying the ED drug, you must confirm with the pharmacist that you are buying the right medicine. You should carefully read all the instructions and information mentioned in the leaflet attached with the medicine. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. This medicine is taken orally with or without having food. You may be prescribed two ways of taking ED pills. The first option is to consume it one pill a day. The second option is to take it as and when required. However your doctor would be in the best position to inform you about the option suitable for you. The dosage of PDE - 5 inhibitor drug will depend on the frequency of your sexual activity and the purpose of taking it. For example, a 5mg tablet is recommended to treat enlarged prostate gland whereas 20 mg tablet is consumed as and when you feel the need for sexual stimulation. The Tadalafil drug can have some side effects if taken without precautions. The best way to consume it is with a glass of water. If combined with alcohol or grapefruit juice, it can reduce blood pressure, make you feel giddy and impair your sexual performance. If you have blood pressure, kidney problems, liver disorders, cardiovascular diseases or any other major illness, you must first consult your doctor before using it. You should also avoid combining intake of ED pills with nitrate based drugs to avoid serious risks to your health. Please remember that this pill is meant only for men. During the course of sexual activity, if you feel dizzy, numb or tingling pain in upper part of your body, then immediately call for a doctor. Similarly if erection lasts longer than four hours, it can cause damage to your sexual organ. Do not forget to seek medical help whenever you feel uncomfortable after consuming Cialis. Since this particular ED pill takes only 15 minutes to act and can have effects lasting for 36 hours, it is also known as weekend pill. However it is not a miracle drug, it only stimulates your body to indulge actively in sexual pleasure.

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