Different testosterone replacement therapy options to choose from

Low testosterone is a case that affects millions of men around the world hence leading to a poor quality life. It manifests in two main forms including low testosterone with signs and one without any signs. The first form of low testosterone which has different signs for manifesting the same should be treated using different testosterone replacement therapy options while the second option can be ignored. In any case one has to be well informed on which trt therapy near me to settle for as the market has diverse options for their consideration. Follow the guide below to learn of the common TRT options and the one that may be perfect for you.

Skin patch

This is a unique type of solution where one is given skin patches to use for their testosterone production improvement. It is worn on the upper part of the arm as it is a transdermal medical solution. Experts will advise that for the application of the solution once a day for the user to get the results they want. The contents of the medication are absorbed through the skin into your body to initiate the right reactions for testosterone hormone production boost. There are different types of skin patches you can use for testosterone production boost but compare and choose from the top brands the market has to offer.


This is the second option the market offers men that have confirmed low testosterone production. It is availed in sachets and is applied directly on the skin for it to be absorbed through the skin layers. Some Androgel options might be in pump form to deliver the testosterone boost that you want. There are some gels that are applied in the nose for instance the Natesto option. Before purchasing these gels, assess the ingredients used and the expiry date just to be sure they have not overstayed their shelf-life.

Mouth patch

Another great TRT option is mouth patches which are availed in tablet form. The user only needs to stick them in the upper gum around the incisor area. Depending on the doctor’s instructions, one will have to use it either once or twice a day for the right results. The tablets continuously release testosterone into the blood stream when used thanks to the fast absorbing oral tissues found in the mouth. Ensure you adhere to the dosage instructions for mouth patch options recommended to you by your doctor to avoid any form of addiction forming.

Injections and implants

Some medical institutions recommend the use testosterone boosting injections instead of the above options. Testosterone in this case is injected to the body muscles for faster absorption. They can further be longed into the soft tissues of the body in pellet form. This allows your body to progressively absorb testosterone hormone into the blood stream until there is a need to make a refill. It is by far the most preferred method that guarantees fast results. You should however involve your doctor just to avoid any potential side effects that you may be unable to manage.

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