Few Natural Solutions for Healing Heel Spur

The basic reason for heel spur is displacement of calcium in the bones that are present under the heel. This bone can be a small protrusion of bone or collection of number of irregularly shaped growth of tiny bones under the heel. This is known as calcaneum. This kind of heel spur can be a very painful experience sometimes as if knife is digging into the heel. This problem is usually diagnosed by taking X-ray.

Since at the moment, our information about the symptoms of épine de Lenoir (meaning in English is thorn in Lenoir, also called as Lenoir’s thorn syndrome, also as Heel Spurs) is very limited therefore often many doctors mistake it as plantar fasciitis. As a matter of fact, plantar fasciitis is just the inflammation of plantar fascia. However, heel spur can only be observed with the help of X-ray and it is quite painful when the inflammation is developed in the tissues around it.

Usually, heel spur can be treated by removing it with the help of surgery after getting detected by X-ray. Surgery is no doubt quite effective however it can be very expensive and therefore people generally look for following few natural solutions for this problem.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the important mineral for the formation of our bones, which utilizes calcium. Therefore, by taking warm bath with Epsom salt (which is in fact magnesium sulphate) and gently massaging the heels, you can release the pressure from heels. You may also take magnesium rich foods.

  • Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 helps in functioning of nerves and creates molecule called acetylcholine which can accelerate healing process. Therefore, foods that are vitamin B5 rich will be very useful.

  • Proteolytic Enzymes

Inflammation can be reduced with proteolytic enzymes and also helps in reducing swelling. It is also used for treating patients who is suffering from intense muscle and joint pain. So, eat foods that contain this.

  • Alkaline diet

Proper balance of pH value can also avoid inflammation and therefore avoid taking processed foods and too much of animal protein.

  • Fish oil

Omega 3 fatty acid is one of nature’s strongest gifts against inflammation. Therefore, by taking diets rich with omega 3 fatty acid will relieve from pain and irritation.

  • Warm oil massage

Such massage is extremely beneficial to our feet. You can use either olive oil or coconut oil and deeply massage your feet.

  • Wear proper shoe

Wear shoes that are comfortable and avoid using very tight shoes.

With the above natural remedies, you can heal heel spur.

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