Hair Transplant in Turkey Costs You Bigger the biggest losers are Bald Patients

The procedure of hair transplant is one of the most received surgeries in all over the world due to the increasing growth in hair transplant patients. The hair loss patients are everywhere and they are taking the surgical concern of the treatment with more interest. Turkey is known as the best destination for the hair transplant procedure in the European subcontinents and has greater appeal due to time to time given facilities and concern for the hair loss patients. But, it is also a matter of concern that does it worthy to receive the procedure in turkey? The answer will be determined by a number of factors associated with the procedure, expert hand of the surgeon, the facilities given by the clinics, the medical ethics, and the most important factor about the cost of the procedure. It is a fact that hair transplant in Turkey is not a cheaper option nor comes under the affordable cost that sets the option apart from the rest of the surgery and only creamy layered people get benefited. However, the Asian countries come in the limelight to receive the procedure and no doubt, India has apex position for providing the best budget-cost hair transplant services.

Why Turkey is not a Worthy decision for receiving the Hair Transplant Procedure is best Described below: –

  1. A Huge Number of Hair Transplant Patients: Huyesin Kirk, Chairman of Middle East tourism & the travel agencies association, estimates that every year around 60,000 people visit Turkey to get the hair transplant done. Thus, the number of hair transplant surgery, performing per week is about 150-500, which is just 4-times greater than anywhere in the world. However, a special concern given by the clinics and the surgeon is very less that results in compromised outcomes and so the cases of wrong hair transplant also increased abruptly. So, it is advisable for hair loss patients to give the priority for Asian countries as a worthy option!
  2. The meaty cost of the Procedure: The procedure cost applicable in Turkey for the hair transplant procedure is very high and around 70% higher than the Asian countries cost and thus just limited to creamy layered people, seen as a major drawback for any medical services. The procedure cost in India is generally based on the number of grafts that are generally based on the number of grafts usually ranges 25-130 INR/. This rate comes under the budget-option and one can easily get the service with the best facilities and ethical concern.
  3. Hair Transplant Clinic extension springs up: As it is the hotspot destination for the hair transplant procedure, there is a competition between the city’s clinics as they extensively springing up like rabbits. However, the clinic compromised with quality as they need to hire under-qualified doctor or less experienced surgeon to perform the surgical procedure and subsequently affect the cost of the procedure.
  4. Bribes and unwanted cost: Since the hair transplant procedure in Turkey is being done by the clinics in a huge number that put the clinic under pressure to perform more surgeries and so the nurses or technical staffs perform the procedure. It is needed to check with health departments that what is going on in the hair transplant clinics and thus the clinics pay a meaty amount to the health inspector to set the matter. However, bribery and unwanted cost have a reciprocal relation in Turkey to perform the surgery, which results in a meaty cost of the procedure at last!


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in Asian countries, especially in India has a greater appeal that safeguards the patient’s need and demand in order to receive the aesthetic hair transplant surgery at an affordable cost of the procedure.

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