How To Select The Best Cannabis Products For Your Dispensary That Customers Will Love

Choosing the right products to sell in your pot shop can be a tough decision. This is especially true if you’re new to the marijuana industry, and do not know where to start when it comes to product selection. In this blog post, we’ll cover all of the different factors that you should take into consideration before making a final decision about what’s best for your customers.

  1. Get Feedback From Your Customers

The best way to know what products you should stock is by asking your customers. Find out from them which brands they like, what types of marijuana strains are most popular and if they have any specific medical concerns that would prevent them from using certain products or varieties. Listen carefully to their feedback because it will help make the process easier for future patients.

You can also create a focus group and ask them what they want to see in the store.

When you use this information as part of your marketing strategy, you will be able to identify the best products for your customers.

  1. Analyze Your Customer Insights

There are many ways to discover what products your marijuana dispensary customers want. You can survey them, talk with them in person or on the phone, and if you’re really ambitious, create a website where people vote for their favorite strains and flavors. Most customers are searching for a cannabis dispensary nearby. So, you’re likely going to interact with local customers.

Once you’ve done your analysis of the best types of products for your dispensary and found out which brands have the best quality, it’s time to put in some work.

  1. Stay In Tune With What’s Trending

Cannabis is an evolving industry and as such, new products are released all the time. In order to stay in tune with what’s trending you’ll want to keep your ear out for any of these new releases.

If you notice a customer eyeing a product on display that has been recently introduced then it might be worth asking them about their experience with it or if they prefer it to an item you have that’s similar.

Also, keep your eye on the demographics of the retailer services. For example, if you are in Southern California and there is a Mexican population that frequents your dispensary more than any other demographic, then it may make sense to have marijuana strains with higher CBD levels.

  1. Consider The Quality And Not Quantity Of Products

If your dispensary is offering a new product, you might want to test the waters before selling in bulk. Test out different quality levels and see what kind of response it gets from customers. Offer sample sizes or buy just one unit at first so that if people don’t like it, you’ll not have gone at a loss.

  1. Location

Location is an important factor to consider when you are selecting the best products for your customers. If a customer is picking up their product at the store, it needs to be easily accessible and easy to find in order for them not waste time searching around.


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best products for your marijuana dispensary customers. However, by having a good understanding of what type of product is needed and which customer you’re trying to attract, can help weed out unnecessary stressors in deciding what’s right for them.

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