Understanding The Difference Between Various Types Of Massages

A good massage can really help you to relieve yourself from the worldly affairs and relax your body. It is also accompanied with various health benefits. But before that, you need to understand the difference between all these different types of massages, to choose the best massage for your body according to its needs.

The different massages differ on account of the varied levels of movements and the pressure applied. Let’s learn and understand the different types of massages available so that you can plan a visit to the meileur spa Montreal next week.

Swedish massage

The most common massage which involves muscle rolling and kneading and long strokes. Friction is produced by applying deep pressure at certain spots. Percussion movements and rhythmic tapping is done. It is best recommended for relieving stress and relaxation.

Trigger point massage

In this massage the ached areas are healed with finger pressure, to loosen up the muscles. This massage may be used at hypertension areas like shoulders and neck. It is quite similar to the deep tissue massage, the only difference being that the deep tissue massage involves methods for the tissue to work.

Sports massage

This massage is specially designed for the ones that are physically active. It is a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and other techniques. The athletes are often treated with massage to boost up their performance and to relieve them from pain after their session and heal up sprain and strains. It also improves the health as it increases the blood circulation and strengthens the muscle.


It’s a Japanese origin technique, which may be related to acupuncture. It sees the body as a web of flow of energy called meridian. The blockage in the path of the flowing energy leads to imbalance, where some areas have low energy, and some have high. Therefore, these blockages cause pain and stress.

It involves a combination of stretching, holding points, and pressures to eliminate the blockages and restore the blood flow.


This massage involves working with the myofascial structures and favors the release of fascial adhesions, resulting in a balanced relation between the bones and the muscles. It focuses on a uniform alignment through the body. It is best recommended for those who are suffering from postural deviations, as it resurrects the body.


Massages are one of the best techniques to relax and relieve your body. These above-mentioned massaging techniques are the best and the most common techniques about which you must know before starting your massaging practice. These techniques would surely help you to relieve the stress and tension in your life and live peacefully.

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