Anabolic Steroids help in Protein Synthesis to Build Huge Muscle for Body


There are different supplements that work for your body and they help in nourishing your system in different ways. The steroids are also good for bodybuilders as they help in growing muscles and provide energy to the body at the same time. There are some steroids that give you lean muscles and hard structure of the body. The muscles become stronger and grow much faster with these anabolic steroids. These steroids also have ability to give huge quantity of strong muscles on the skeletal system and this happens when one takes a very high dose of these steroids. This is often criticized by sports leagues and they ban the use of these steroids in higher dose than is recommended.

Some steroids and its functions

These anabolic steroids are also called anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and they are made in an artificial way in laboratories by human hands. These are mostly derivatives of testosterone produced within the human body. These steroids are often prescribed by physicians for people who have low level of hormones like testosterone in their body. There are other illnesses like AIDS where the steroids are prescribed for the sufferer. The athletes use these for steroid stimulates muscle tissue anabolism during the regular dose. When one goes for a higher than normal dose – one causes harm for their own body and is not recommended at all.

Testosterone helps in muscle growth

These steroids are good for your body when they are used in low level or in the right dosage. The bodybuilders often get tiny tears in the muscles when they lift weight or do other heavy workouts. These nicks and cuts in muscles often are repaired by the body. There are new cell growths at the place of the tear. The process of adding bigger and stronger cells to the muscles are called muscular hypertrophy. This is the basis of growing of more muscles. This growth is helped with the testosterone that is produced in the body.

Protein synthesis for muscles

This is the work of the natural testosterone that is produced within the body. The same work is done by the steroids when they serve as supplement for the body. The steroids are ingested and then these compounds travel to the cells of the muscles through the blood flow and there they interact with the DNA of the cells. The steroid then starts the process of protein synthesis that helps in growing of new cells with the help of available protein.

Take to safe dose

When the steroids are taken in higher quantity, the body gets more muscles to boast about. The reactions from this huge protein synthesis are not correct as it affects the liver. This stimulates muscle tissue anabolism in a bigger level and often can harm the body. This is the reason why it is recommended dose that the bodybuilders are requested to take. It may harm them internally without much knowledge to these athletes. The muscle growth is also required by athletes who run on the track or who are doing different acrobatics. They will benefit when the anabolic steroids are taken in measured dose that is desired and safe for all.

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