5 Ways Men Can Remove Body Hair At Home

Since 2019, removing body hair or manscaping has been quite a trend. Besides getting their facial hair settled at salons, men today are also having their eyebrows plucked and body waxed to do away with unwanted hair on any body part. And why not? Awareness of body hygiene and beauty is not limited to women. So, check out these tips for men to get rid of undesired body hair.

Top 3 Tips for Getting Rid of Body Hair

Temporary Ways

  1. Creams: Effective depilatory creams can painlessly and most easily remove body hair of men. Such creams come in two types: for normal skin and sensitive skin. You can enjoy looking great with hair-free, smoother skin that lasts longer than shaving. Once applied on body hair, the cream dissolves it from its root in the time specified on the package. You can safely use it on your chest, arms, legs, and even your intimate areas.
  2. Waxing: This is another remarkable temporary option for removing body hair. Wondering how to wax? You need only three simple steps. Simply peel the strip, apply it well on your skin in the direction of hair growth and pull it from the other side. It stings a little when pulled away. But it eliminates hair from the roots, gifting you with a hairless, smooth skin up to four weeks. You can wax yourself at home with DIY waxing kits or seek professional help at a salon for this.
  3. Shaving: This is nothing new to men! You only need a foaming cream with a proper sharp razor. You can shave your body hair easily and swiftly with minimal experience. But beware of cuts and nicks. Shaving also leaves behind a minor pokey stubble.

Permanent Ways

  1. Laser: Want to rid yourself of your body hair permanently? A solution is laser hair removal treatment. It employs a laser beam to penetrate through the skin for destroying your hair follicles. As a result, your hair falls out by itself without regrowing for a longer span. You will need multiple laser treatment sessions to remove hair from large body sites like your back, chest, arms, and legs. Although this technique benefits almost any hair type, fair males having dark hair can get better outcomes. Their dark hair absorbs the beam better, promoting the efficacy of the process.
  2. Electrolysis: It’s the epitome of permanent body hair removal for men. It uses a needle-shaped electrode to pass an electric current through the body for destroying your hair roots. This checks hair regrowth. It functions best in smaller body parts like eyebrows and the underarms.

Numerous options are available for body hair removal. But men must choose a suitable solution as per their pain tolerance capacity and frequency to remove hair. Most men find using a hair removal cream the best solution for smooth, hairless skin with zero pain, minimal time investment and care for sensitive and normal skin types. Since waxing reduces hair regrowth over time, this works out to be the ideal solution.

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