Different Types Of Kratoms Explained

Mitragyna Speciosa, or kratom, is a plant native to Southeast Asia, particularly found in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. Kratom has been a part of the wellness industry for years, while folk medicine has relied on this herb for various needs. Kratom has a unique alkaloid profile, and while it isn’t an opiate, it does act like one, working the same receptors in the body. In the US, websites like In Sense Botanicals sell kratom products for interested buyers, and one of the first things you need to know about is about common strains. There are different kinds of kratom strains available, and each one has a specific alkaloid profile. In this post, we are explaining more on types of kratom.

Knowing strains

For the unversed, kratom strains are classified by the color of veins in the leaves. You can find red, green, yellow, gold, and white kratom strains in the market. Each strain has a specific kind of alkaloid profile, which creates different effects.

  1. Green kratom. Green kratom is among the strongest daytime strains to consider. You can feel an instant increase in energy and happiness as you try this strain, and that’s the precise reason why it is preferred by many with mood disorders, depression and anxiety.
  2. Red kratom. Red vein kratom is best known for its relaxing and sedative effects. This is not a strain for daytime use – Instead, try consuming red kratom at night, and you will feel at ease and can sleep better. The effects also depend on the dosage, but red kratom is usually sleep-inducing.
  3. White kratom. The third variety that we want to mention is white vein kratom, which is known for increasing energy and boosting productivity. If you want to harness the mild effects of this herb, or want to try it for the first time, white kratom is just ideal

What’s the best strain?

There is no straight answer to that. Some people like to switch between kratom strains, so that they don’t develop an unwanted tolerance to this herb, while others prefer to stick to the same strain. It is a matter of personal choice, and we strongly suggest that you check at least a few different kratom types to know the best one for your health and wellness. Kratom is also a natural pain reliever and can be used without any worries of side effects in small doses.

Check online for more guidelines on kratom usage.

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